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Air Quality affects your health.
Look after the air you breathe! 

Earn rewards and help us build a global air quality monitoring network to detect pollution hotspots and protect everyone’s health.

Why PlanetWatch

Air pollution kills seven million people every year worldwide. Because there are too few air quality sensors on the ground, many dangerous pollution hotspots are not detected. By deploying more sensors we will be able to better understand pollution dynamics and suggest more effective mitigation measures.


Do you know that air pollution has many potential sources and impacts people’s health in different ways depending on pollutants?


Connect your air quality sensor to PlanetWatch to help detect pollution hotspots and earn tokens in return for sensor data.

Stay Safe

PlanetWatch will help you avoid pollution hotspots when jogging or biking and keep a good air quality in your home.


We need a dense mesh of sensors to quickly detect problem areas. Our network blends consumer-grade devices together with more expensive systems managed by PlanetWatch. Consumer sensors are small, easy to install and remotely monitored.

Arianna | Type 2
Reward Tier 1
: 0.2(leader), 0.02(backup) Planets/stream
Reward Tier 2 : 0.134(leader), 0.013(backup) Planets/stream
Default streaming frequency: every 15 minutes
Connectivity: WiFi and Bluetooth (for setup) required
Key Features: Solar panel included

Discover  and buy


You may not know this, but indoor air quality is usually WORSE than outdoors. Since we spend a lot of time indoors (at home, in the office, etc.) it is important to monitor air quality in all these spaces. If you want to monitor the air you breathe at home, this is your sensor.

Coming soon | Type 3
: 0.134 Planets/stream
Default streaming frequency: every 5 minutes
Connectivity: WiFi and Bluetooth (for setup) required
Key Features: Easy to install, plug&play operation

Earn Tokens

Validated air quality data streamed from your sensor will earn you Planet tokens, issued on the Algorand blockchain. You will be able to exchange tokens against valuable goods and services. Stream data to PlanetWatch and help us build the first immutable air quality data ledger in the world.

For details on our token model, please click on the button below


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