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Only 100 PlanetWatch branded sensors available!!

  • Portable
  • Measures: climatic parameters, particulate matter and volatile organic compounds
  • You can earn Planet tokens
  • Sensor data available via PlanetWatch App and Web Map
  • Rechargeable
  • Helps you and your loved ones develop healthier lifestyles

Special price includes:
- VAT and shipping
- 500 Planet tokens
- Connection fee

Price: € 196,00*

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*Crypto payments accepted: Algos (Algorand), USDC (Circle) and eEur (Monerium).

This portable monitoring device measures climatic parameters, particulate matter and Volatile Organic Compounds. The device has a rechargeable battery and it can be attached to your backpack, bike or belt, so it can move with you and monitor the air you breathe at home, at work, while commuting, traveling, or enjoying your time outdoors.

The device communicates through Bluetooth with your smartphone, so that air quality data can be visualized through the PlanetWatch App. Data can also be visualized on your “My Sensors” dashboard and on the global PlanetWatch Map.

Understanding the levels and trends of pollutants throughout your typical day can help you develop a healthier lifestyle and plan your activities in order to minimize your exposure to air pollution.

help our planet now
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